deco driveways

Utilising the OmniGrip deco surfacing system STS are pleased to offer the complete service for the rejuvenation and enhancement of asphalt driveways.

Weathered and faded asphalt driveways over time often become unsympathetic to your home and surroundings. Until now the only solution has been to excavate and install anew driveway resulting in major disruption and expense.  However utilising OmniGrip Deco your tired asphalt driveway can be rejuvenated and completed typically completed in one day  utilising natural stone that will enhance any property.

And because we use natural stone we can offer a wide range of colours and finishes providing you with a durable, weed inhibited surface that complements your home beautifully and typically adds more value to a property than the cost of the rejuvenation..

Just look at the benefits:

  • Aesthetic beauty of natural bonded stone
  • No excavation required.
  • Typically installed in a single day.
  • Drive on same day.
  • Slip resistant
  • 5 year guarantee

Colour Range


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